Grow Therapy Practice

How to get 3, 5, 10 (or more) additional patients per month in a Simple, Consistent and Predictable way?

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What You'll Learn

❤️  Craft a practice tailored to your needs for a peaceful and comfortable livelihood.

🚀 Implement simple methods to enhance communication, broaden your reach, and attract the right clients at the right price.

🧭  Develop a well-defined strategy to accomplish your business goals effectively.

Who Can Benefit?

This is for you if you are:

  • A psychologist, counselor, energy healer, chiropractor, or any professional helping others improve.
  • Seeking to make a good living from your therapy practice.
Why You Need this:

If you’re facing challenges like:

  • Consistently acquiring new patients, especially to replace those completing their therapy.
  • Earning at least as much as your previous job.
  • Wanting to work with individuals committed to personal growth.
  • Desiring a supportive community of peers who understand your journey.
Real Success Stories:
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Beginner & advanced

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Fill out your practice

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One year

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Regain Lost Time:

Four years ago, our mother faced the same challenges as you—a small fish lost in a sea of possibilities. Today, her schedule fills up three months in advance. Learn how you can achieve the same success step by step, in a detailed and practical manner.

The Club of Doers:

While many therapists wait for success to happen, we believe in taking action. Our program is 100% online, offering courses, tools, a Facebook group, and online workshops. Progress at your pace and leverage resources designed for immediate implementation.

Progress at Your Own Pace:

Our program has been designed to be 100% online and includes courses, tools, Facebook group, or online workshops. You progress online, at your own pace.

Just Copy and Paste:

We’ve got courses, templates, checklists and methods to help you get started.

We have one obsession: your success.

Ask questions in the facebook group or during online workshops so you never get stuck. Do what we tell you and it will work.

We’ll also show you how to hack NASA (it’s in a bonus course, so be careful with that part).

The Time for Change is Now:

The Incubator is an online program that starts the moment you enroll. You progress at your own pace, as quickly (or slowly) as you like.

(Between you and me, we prefer you to go very fast).

You have access for 1 year! (Of course, if you get hit by a bus, you will have to stop).

Don’t Wait 4 Years For It to Work:

Going alone is incredibly (and unnecessarily) complicated. With support, everything becomes incredibly easy and straightforward.

The issues and challenges you encounter as a therapist are highly specific. To overcome them without breaking your back (and without spending several years doing it), it’s much easier to be surrounded by people who have already been down this road.

A paradigm shift

The online course is amazing, but not enough. You also join a community and have access to 1-1 advice.

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The Whole Planet Will Know About You:

The truth is, it depends on your budget.

In any scenario there is no small talk, abstract theories, or vague advice. Instead only specific and practical advice is provided. We break down effective strategies and reveal templates (which you can copy and paste directly) to bring in the patients you want

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Activate Your Quantum Mind:

Undergo a paradigm shift not only through an online course but also by joining a community and receiving personalized advice. We’ll guide you through restructuring your mind and breaking down barriers to your beliefs.

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Weekly Workshops and Community Support:

Join our 2-hour weekly workshops. Ask questions, address challenges, and receive guidance from our amazing team. Be part of the best therapy community, where no judgment exists, only positive energy and valuable advice.


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The Best Community in the World:

Okay, we’re not being objective.

But you never succeed alone. We have established a community to derive motivation from the accomplishments of others, foster the exchange of knowledge, offer support during both triumphs and challenges, share resources, and collectively strive for success.

No judgments, good energy, lots of ❤️ and great advice.

"I have too many patients, I have to turn them away"

That’s what you can say when you’re with us


(Click on the small red cross on the right to see the details of the program, we warn you, it’s dense and intense)

Chapter 1: Fundamentals & Foundations

Module 1: Building a Practice on Solid Foundations

○ The Importance of running your practice as a small business 

○ What therapists don’t understand that stops them from being successful

○ Things to keep in mind to succeed

○ The failure uniform

○ The traps to avoid

○ How to deal with doubts when starting out

Module 2: Assertiveness and Authenticity

○ Always be honest

○ Attract customers who resonate with your sensitivity and consistently deliver added value to them

○ The Importance of specialization

○ How to choose your niche

○ The 10 most important questions to get to know your client

Module 3: Crafting a Message that Resonates

○ You are wondering whether the engaged patients are willing to invest (time and money) in themselves. I will show you how to naturally and effortlessly find them

○ How to avoid clients thinking you’re a magician

○ How to have committed patients

○ Why is it important?

○ What qualities determine a strong/weak message?

○ How to create it?

○ How to find the message that resonates with you?

Module 4: Establishing Strong Positioning

○ Why do people come to see a therapist? 

○ Fundamental principles of value 

○ Difference between a practice that works and a total  disaster

Module 5: Setting Up Follow-Up Programs

○ What matters to your clients? 

○ How to implement multiple session follow-ups

○ How to set up prices and break limiting barriers around money

Module 6: Natural Laws of a Successful Practice

○ Importance of knowing your numbers 

○ Cause and effect law 

○ Why understanding this law can be your secret weapon to regaining control of  your income 

○ “Therapist’s equation” 

○ Forecasting exercise

Module 7: Understanding Your Niche

○ Understand what a niche is 

○ Why you can’t go against it but always go with it  

○ Seeing things as an observer rather than as a participant

Chapter 2: Overcoming Fears through Self-Development


○ You can have all of the tactics and strategies in the world, but if you don’t have the right mindset, you won’t succeed

○ The external world is just a reflection of our internal world

○ Even after dedicating 20 years to self-improvement, if we still haven’t achieved our goals, it indicates that our inner self is not completely in sync

○ Total liberation of your inner potential

Module 1: Rhythm of Life

○ What is the force that holds you back and prevents you from reaching your goals?

○ What pulls you back every time you make progress?

○ False conceptions we have about how our mind works, how it creates  certain beliefs about our world, and how these beliefs ultimately shape the  reality we experience

○ A significant gap between the person you are today and the person you need to be to achieve your dreams

○ Understanding in detail your strengths and weaknesses.

○ Bringing into conscious awareness the unconscious tendencies that currently govern your life.

○ Setting inspiring goals, anchoring yourself in the future, and defining a future  that makes you dream. Defining the characteristics of the new person you must become to achieve your dreams, and identifying the strengths to develop in order to reach them effortlessly

○ How to modify your reality using the principles of quantum physics to make your most ambitious goals a reality (it won’t happen overnight, but it’s important)

○ Raising one’s vibration frequency and releasing energetic blockages.

○ Learning to trust yourself, accessing inner wisdom, and no longer being manipulated by your ego.

○ Using synchronicity and the principles of quantum physics involves understanding and applying certain concepts

○ Life becomes truly incredible when we possess the ability to imagine beyond limits

○ Deepen your self-awareness for enhanced effectiveness

○ Listening to one’s emotions to act more effectively.

○ Managing fear to stop procrastinating

○ Learning with greater efficiency and speed.

○ Staying focused and avoiding distractions.

Module 2 : Duality and Man’s Conflict

○ How does your mind work? 

○ Importance of beliefs 

○ Shifting paradigms. 

○ The world (and your therapy practice) is a mirror. 

○ Making excellence a habit 

○ Learning to say ‘no’ to external demands even when it is difficult

Module 3 : Transcending Identity and Defining One's 2.0 Version

○ Vision for yourself and your therapy practice

○ Transcending and cultivating your new identity. 

○ Sacrificing the micro to succeed at the macro level. 

○ Creating and implementing a ritual with the 3Ws. 

○ Learning to be in the optimal mental state. 

○ Identifying small actions with significant impacts and being consistent.

○ Managing slumps and energy dips.

Chapter 3 : Systems and Strategies

Module 1 : Avoiding Traps

○ Not getting sucked into the black hole. 

○ Mistakes to avoid. 

○ Simple and important things to stay focused on. 

○ The 80 / 20 rule

Module 2: From Stranger to Client

○ Inside the mind of your patient. 

○ 5 steps your patient goes through before the consultation

○ The power of word-of-mouth and how to harness its full potential.

○ Convey your message

Module 3 : 3 Methods for Organically Finding Patients & the Google Tao

○ Let’s be friends: creating a network of partners with complementary and similar practice. 

○ Direct messages  

○ Google Tao 

○ In-depth understanding of the algorithm and how to rank first on Google.

Module 4: Conducting Market Research with a Critical Eye

○ Having a deep understanding of your ecosystem. 

○ Knowing your « competitors » and striving to understand, in a superior manner, the reasons behind their success.

○ Analysis of therapists’ strategies. 

○ Finding ideas for keywords. 

○ Knowing everything about other therapists.

Module 5 : Website Architecture

○ Why it’s important to have a website.

○ Questions to ask yourself before getting started.

○ Myths and why they shouldn’t scare you.

○ Front and back-end of a website.

○ Five vital pages to start with.

○ Examples to inspire you.

○ What to write and how to write it.

Module 6 : Between Human and Machine: Communicating with Google and Your Clients

○ Finding the right keywords. 

○ Anatomy of a perfect page (for Google).

○ Copywriting, the art of communicating with your patients.

Module 7 : Paid Methods: The Power of Google Ads

○ Understanding the logic of Google Ads 

○ High potential, low risk 

○ How to find the right keywords

Chapter 4: Assembling Your War Machine

Module 1 : Create and Set up Your Website Easily (Without Having to Code)

○ Enough with theory, let’s move on to practice, to the concrete steps.

○ Choosing and purchasing a domain name 

○ Installing your website using a beautiful, elegant, and functional template

○ Finding the right tone in key areas (homepage, etc.) 

○ Extensions: Equipping yourself without overdoing it

Module 2 : Optimizing your Google My Business Space for a Local Communication

○ Google ranking signals 

○ On-page information 

○ Directory and citation list (Off-Page) 

○ How to ask for feedback and reviews (with examples)

Module 3 : Exploring Organic Growth Strategies: Acquiring Clients on Facebook (Without Spending Money)

○ What to post and talk about on your Facebook page 

○ Optimal time to post on Facebook 

○ What metrics should be tracked? 

○ How to find your own tone and suitable copywriting for your Facebook page

○ Learning to write Facebook posts that generate hundreds of shares and  attract new patients. 

○ How to optimize your page without forgetting anything (description, cover  photo, profile picture, name, etc.).  

○ How to identify the most relevant Facebook groups for yourself and, most  importantly, how to join them?

Module 4 : The Magic of Facebook Ads to Acquire Clients (Very Quickly) - Part 1

○ Why and how to advertise? 

○ How to set up your advertising account? 

○ Different types of advertisements: What are we going to do? 

○ Different campaigns on Facebook: What do we want to achieve? 

○ How to launch ads? 

○ Connecting with your persona (empathy map, customer, problem, solution)

○ Overview of the interface

○ Creating your business manager 

○ Implement a conversion pixel 

○ Conducting highly targeted (and cost-effective) communication  campaigns 

○ Set up interest targeting for your Facebook advertising campaign

Module 5 : The Magic of Facebook Ads to Acquire Clients (Very Quickly) - Part 2

○ Advertising metrics 

○ Writing the perfect advertisement to stop scrolling, engaging, and converting 

○ How to create your first campaign? 

○ All the things you should NOT do when you want to succeed on Facebook

○ Little mistakes therapists unknowingly make that the Facebook algorithm doesn’t like

○ Our tips on audience statistics 

○ Preheating your ads from A to Z 

○ How to increase engagement on your posts 

○ How to create a successful landing page (best practices) 

○ Creating successful image or video ads using the best tools for Facebook

○ Creating visuals and videos 

○ Managing bidding strategies 

○ Automating repetitive tasks 

○ How and when should I monitor my ads? 

○ Understanding all of Facebook jargon(CPC, CPM, CTR, etc.) 

○ Final adjustments: Everything you need to know about bidding strategy,  scheduling, and ad placements

Chapter 5: 30-Day Action Plan

Module 1 : The Subtle Art of Planning

○ Learning to manage your time  

○ Optimizing your schedule to save time using minimalism

○ A goal without a plan is just a wish! 

○ Being efficient vs. being busy 

○ Learning to prioritize tasks

○ Creating habits and routines to speed up tasks 

○ Managing unexpected events with serenity 

○ Working smarter to free up precious hours in your day 

○ Finding time to tackle an overloaded schedule with various obligations  (such as children or other activities) 

○ Reclaiming lost time: unnecessary tasks we still continue to do, time wasted  on Facebook and other social media, etc. 

○ « Reverse engineering » success with surgical precision  

○ Setting SMART goals 

○ Means objectives vs. end objectives 

○ Realize your long-term vision through daily actions. 

○ Adopt good working methods 

○ Define an editorial calendar for your website and your networks

Module 2: Conquering the Paralysis of Inaction

○ The routines to work with pleasure 

○ Stay focused and create your focus bubble 

○ Diagnose the real problem 

○ Overcoming doubts, fears and desires to procrastinate 

○ Focus on one thing 

○ Advance the project 

○ Don’t feel guilty when you’re not working as hard as you’d hoped 

○ Moving on from work after an exhausting day

○ Successfully set up your practice even when you are busy taking care of your family

○ Overcome perfectionism and accomplish what you set out to do

Chapter 6: Accounting & Cash Management

Module 1 : Accounting & Cash Management

○ Keep things simple  

○ How to structure your bank accounts 

○ Financial forecast file for your income, monthly expenses and cash flow

○ Financial discipline rules to be respected 

○ Why to report everything

○ The important thing is not how much you earn but how much you keep

○ Taking care of your war chest

Meet the Brothers

We are very nice but direct. If you don’t have clients, we don’t hide ourselves. We can help you, but you have to be the one to take action.

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The Big Brother:
  • 29 years old and still can’t do a cartwheel
  • It’s definitely the biggest failure in my life. Apart from that, I’m doing quite well.
  • I love my life, and I’m very open-minded.
  • P.S. : I’m a Leo with Pisces rising. I don’t really know what that means, but for some, it matters :visage_légèrement_souriant:.
The Little Brother:
  • Describing him is really easy.
  • He’s young, he’s handsome, he’s intelligent.
    He’s the perfect guy. He’s like a character out of a romantic movie.
  • At the end of the training, if you feel like marrying him, don’t worry, it’s normal!
  • He could have been a model, but he chose to join this program and help therapists attract more clients.
  • P.S.: I might be exaggerating a bit, I know. But he’s my brother, and I’m a huge fan, and since it’s me (Quentin) who’s writing, I can say whatever I want.
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Where you want and when you want it
Go at your own pace (even if we prefer “faster”)

ecran | Grow Therapy Practice

Flexible Learning:


  • Go at your own pace, accessible on various devices.
  • 100% online platform with video and audio content.
  • Downloadable worksheets in various formats.

Join a Supportive Community:


  • Daily engagement in our vibrant community.
  • Exchange knowledge, ask questions, and receive daily motivation.
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A great team to get you started


  • Talk about the difficulties you encounter, the doubts that paralyze you and what blocks and prevents you from moving forward
  • Receive personalized advice
  • Benefit from collective intelligence during online Q&A workshops (these take place twice a week)

Succeed to achieve

A summary of everything you will get


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You're going to learn

❤️  How to create and develop a practice that fits you, to be able to live from it peacefully and confortably

🚀 Simple methods to improve your communication, increase your reach and work with the right clients (at the right price)

🧭  How to have a well-defined strategy to achieve the goals you want to achieve

Your Success Awaits:
If you’re reading this, it’s not by chance. Schedule a meeting with us, and let’s talk about your journey.
TELISOSA 2000 V2 1 1 | Grow Therapy Practice
How long does it take? Progress at your pace, devote 1-2 hours per week for optimal results.

Yes, and many of our students do. We have young mothers, people who work full time, who do night shifts,…

It is very important that your business never stalls. It is for this reason that we provide maximum flexibility in our program.

You progress at your own pace and according to your schedule.

We have a student who goes as far as listening to the program in the vineyard and diligently completing the exercises. We found this imagery to be quite poetic, and it seems that time passes swiftly for her in the process.

PS: devoting at least 1h-2h per week to the program will already be very good.

Prerequisites? None, we guide you every step, especially if you're not tech-savvy.

No prerequisites to have. Some of our students did not know how to use google before joining us and they managed to make their business work thanks to the program. We teach you absolutely everything. You can literally start from scratch and be successful.

I have never taken an online course, how does it work?
Rest assured, you won’t feel lost. Our students receive thorough supervision, ensuring they quickly orient themselves and seamlessly follow the training within minutes. The courses are designed to be highly flexible and easily accessible for consultation.
Online course for people living anywhere? Accessible globally.

Yes. We have students who practice classic therapies (EMDR, hypnotherapy, etc.) but also newer therapies (family constellations, magnetotherapy, etc.). Some of our students are also in very small villages.

Whatever your practice and in the place in which you practice, you will be shown how to do it.

If my practice is online ?

Online or offline, the principles are the same. You are shown how to run your business (and also how to equip yourself).

It is very important that your business never stalls. It is for this reason that we provide maximum flexibility in our program.

You progress at your own pace and according to your schedule.

I'm really suspicious, I've been so disappointed with other services?

Our mother is a psychologist so we know that you are approached every 2 days by people who sell you anything and everything.

She has even received messages from people pretending to be Google (???!!!) (if this has ever happened to you, sorry to disappoint you but it was not Google).

I’m going to tell you a quick story.

Before launching this program, we explained to an entrepreneur friend what we wanted to do (teaching therapists to get more clients).

He answered me: “very good idea, therapists, there are a lot of them but nobody cares and therefore everyone sells them anything”.

This is also why we created this program: you will be independent, autonomous and succeed thanks to you (and only you).

Results time frame? Immediate progress, but your commitment determines results.

5 seconds! It’s faster than a snap of your fingers, as soon as you finalize your registration, boom, explosion of customers, calls on calls, the appointments are linked and never stop!

More seriously, it all depends on the speed at which you go and the actions you put in place.

Some have their first clients in the first week or triple their number of consultations in 1 month, others take a little longer.

Become a billionaire? No unrealistic promises, only practical guidance.
We like to say that “nothing is impossible” but this is going to be hot anyway!
What if I'm still not convinced?
Well you’re going to regret it!